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" I take liberties with color and perspective to create imaginative visions rather than photographs on canvas. By paring my observations down to an experience rather than literal appearance, I explore color and texture freely within the balanced structure of harmonious compositions. Fusing a love of nature and expressionism, I want my artworks to evoke a deep richness of uplifting moods. ”


Lisa Mee is an Irish-Korean-American a life-long artist who lives and works in New York City. She studied drawing, painting and printmaking as a child which continued through her college years at Fordham University. Shortly after entering the university, she met her husband-to-be, the artist, Wayne Ensrud, who is the only living protégée of the great Expressionist Austrian artist, Oskar Kokoschka, a student of Gustav Klimt. He encouraged and mentored Lisa’s painting explorations and experiments in ‘plein-air’ drawing and painting techniques. Her palette became enlarged by fabric, paper and collage elements as well as metallic gilding paint, opening new creative possibilities and developing her own unique style. By integrating papers, fabrics and metals, she creates harmonic works of art. Her impasto application of paints and collage elements lend a sculptural, luminous effect to her art.


Her passion for natural beauty is evident in her work. She captures vivid light and hues by integrating metallic paints into the painting surface. She transforms familiar vistas by using borders and spatial differentiations, combining them into stunning interpretations of bold colors with immediate emotional impact. Her extensive travels abroad in Spain, Italy and France inspired many of her expansive landscape compositions. Her uniquely opulent artform conveys a stained-glass effect of mosaic-like patterns and light on canvas.


Her unique mixed media approach has caught the eyes of important art collectors in New York City as well as Europe where her works are found in numerous corporate and private collections.  She has participated in over 20 solo and group exhibitions where her work has been shown in galleries in New York, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, West Palm Beach, California, Vermont as well as her first solo exhibition at the International Art Museum of America in San Francisco in March 2020.





 Awarded the Harmony For Humanity Global Consciousness Art Prize, August 2023

 'Colorium', Gallerium group exhibition, April 2023

 Lisa Mee’s Colorful Windows That Open to Nature | Art News by Kooness

 'VISCERAL Exhibition', M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan (Italy) June 2022

'Lisa Mee: Irish, Korean, American Painter': June 2021 ('WELOVART' - French art webzine article)

Lisa Mee Integrates Recycled Materials Into Her Art,, April 2021

Women Artists Panel hosted by the International Art Museum Of America, March 2021

AVC Fine Art Auction live televised appearance, January 2021

International Art Museum of America, San Francisco March 2020

Group Exhibition at The Breakers, West Palm Beach FL May 2019

Represented by’s Fine Art Sales, April 2016

Hudson Valley Finds Gallery, Rhinebeck NY September 2015

Transform Gallery, New Rochelle NY, April-June 2013 & September 2014 featured artist, January 2013.

Indiewalls-Café Angelique (solo show), New York City, December 2012.

Kashan Gallery, Nyack NY, June 2012.

Designlawn Inaugural Exhibition, New York City, December 2011.

Artabound, New York City, October 2011.

High Line Open Studios, New York City, October 2011.

Great Neck Arts Center, ’Come to Your Senses’, New York, March 2010.

Art Gotham ‘Square Foot Show’, New York City, November 2007.

Ovation TV ‘Art or Not’ (juried selection), New York City, September 2007.

JH Brown Fine Art, Vermont, June 2006.

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March 2020 Exhibition -
The International Art Museum of America

San Francisco CA
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