" I want my paintings to stir feelings of soaring and floating as though they were suspended and relieved of gravity. It’s a quality of the natural and the spiritual in harmony – graceful, free, and joyful. ”

Lisa Mee grew up in Harrington Park, a small suburban New Jersey town north of New York City. Her Korean-born mother, an architect, and her Irish-American father, a former ballet student and actor turned chiropractor were both passionate about art and collecting. They cultivated her art appreciation by frequently taking her to museums, art fairs and galleries from the time she was a small child. These early outings fostered in her a profound wonder of the mysterious creation of art, spanning the centuries from various cultures world-wide.


Throughout her schooling, she devoted time to her own artistic creations. She learned the basics of drawing, painting and printmaking from her early education into college. At Fordham University, she decided to pursue a degree in political science. Shortly after entering the university, she met her husband-to-be, the artist, Wayne Ensrud, who is the protégée of the Austrian artist, Oskar Kokoschka, a student of Gustav Klimt. She worked and continues to work with him as his Studio Director, a position she has held for the past 20 years. Ensrud’s 21 year tutelage under the great Kokoschka instilled in him the artist’s responsibility to express compassion and joy in art which is the artist’s true function and a real service to humanity. This challenge of creating vital heartfelt artwork touching the viewer’s spirit with honest emotion is the motivating source of her creative spirit.


Upon discovering her student artworks, Ensrud encouraged Lisa Mee to seriously dedicate herself to her own artwork. His work projects often took them abroad to Europe where he encouraged her ‘plein-air’ drawing and painting techniques. Adding to her repertoire 'collage' enhanced the textural surfaces and rich colors of her artworks by opening up new creative possibilities.


Her latest collage paintings integrate dimensional metallic paints, papers, fabrics and metals by careful sorting, cutting and assembling. Inspired by stained glass, mosaics and Tiffany creations, she creates a luminous appearance of light and depth. 

Her unique mixed media approach has caught the eyes of important art collectors in New York City as well as Europe where her works are found in numerous corporate and private collections. 

Represented by: Leviton Fine Art, Singulart, Global Fine Art


Lisa Mee Integrates Recycled Materials Into Her Art,, April 2021

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Women Artists Panel hosted by the International Art Museum Of America, March 2021

AVC Fine Art Auction live televised appearance, January 2021

International Art Museum of America, San Francisco March 2020

Group Exhibition at The Breakers, West Palm Beach FL May 2019

Represented by’s Fine Art Sales, April 2016

Hudson Valley Finds Gallery, Rhinebeck NY September 2015

Transform Gallery, New Rochelle NY, April-June 2013 & September 2014 featured artist, January 2013.

Indiewalls-Café Angelique (solo show), New York City, December 2012.

Kashan Gallery, Nyack NY, June 2012.

Designlawn Inaugural Exhibition, New York City, December 2011.

Artabound, New York City, October 2011.

High Line Open Studios, New York City, October 2011.

Great Neck Arts Center, ’Come to Your Senses’, New York, March 2010.

Art Gotham ‘Square Foot Show’, New York City, November 2007.

Ovation TV ‘Art or Not’ (juried selection), New York City, September 2007.

JH Brown Fine Art, Vermont, June 2006.