Lisa Mee transforms vistas, figures, abstractions and

still lifes by using spatial differentiations. Her stunning

color-saturated paintings resonate with immediate 

emotional impact to convey an opulent stained-glass

effect on canvas of mosaic-like patterns and light.

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original paintings.



 I gather patterns found in nature (water currents, geological forms such as stones, shells,  skies, forests, flowers) . Often, I am on a walk and I’ll see a sunset streaming with rich colors. Or, the building next door will display luscious floral arrangements in huge pots at their entrance. (Recently, the flowers were an exotic blend of pure light greens and stunning violets). Gorgeous color combinations such as these form the beginnings of my work. I begin by mixing matte mediums with different paint colors – I never know what hues will come about and that’s the joy – seeing the unexpected unfold. Beautiful tints emerge that I never would have gotten out of a paint tube. That’s how I work – very spontaneously. When the paints are laid out, I merge the paints together. While it’s sopping wet, I quickly apply a sheet of paper to the surface and carefully press it into the canvas. With great care, I lift the paper off the surface. Or, I'll leave the paper on the canvas if I like the veil-like effect .  Often, I sketch a composition on to the canvas, particularly tree scenes and landscapes since they are more detailed. Then I meticulously cut and tear fabrics and papers to fill in the composition along with metallic paints. If a painting radiates movement and energy, then I know it's finished.

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